Mar. 9th, 2008

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I kinda packed my room today. Ready for when I leave uni completely. *whistles innocently*

I know it's way too soon, but I really want to go now, and somehow I thought getting packed would be a good consolation. Sort of a 'well, you will be leaving eventually' kinda thing?

I guess my room's about half-packed. All my DVDs, my non-uni-related books, my japanese learning stuff, my photo albums, my jewelry, clothes I definitely won't be using anytime soon, all the junk I've accumulated on my shelves, and the vast majority of my stationery.

I've still got tons of clothes, but I'll either bin bag them, or steal the slid-ey drawer thing in my cupboard which houses the majority of them anyway.

Also have my duvet, towels, pillows, etc, which will also be bin bagged.

My laptop and other electronic stuff have some of the original boxes, and the rest I'll just put in my rucksack for the trip back home.

After that I only have uni books (one big bag) and makeup/body products/toothbrush etc (one bag) to pack. Guess that's the genius thing about such a small room! :)

Damnit, now I really want to go already. :/

Despite my loud & frequent protestations that I don't want to or plan to move home when I return from travelling, me thinks I'll have to.

I won't have anywhere set up before I get back to England, and the last thing I'll want after so much travelling is to go and beg floor space off of friends. :s

This is probably why it makes more sense to do the gap year before uni! At least then I'd be going straight on to uni after, so I'd have something lined up. As it is I have zero lined up, so I'm going to come back flat broke, majorly in debt, with no idea what job I want, let alone any progress in applying for something. *groans*

Was just watching The Hill on E4 - sad, I know, but it's addictive. :p

It amazed me how easy they make life seem! Or at least, how easy they make all the jobs/internships/houses/etc seem. Sure they don't seem to have a clue what they're meant to be doing in those jobs half the time, but it doesn't seem to matter! lol

Anyway, enough of my normal crisis-talk, I have brilliant news!!!


So happy & relieved now!

Was beginning to get really worried, 'esp 'cause both parents had talked to her(a.k.a had a go at her) about it, and that didn't seem to have any effect. But she rang me this morning when I txt'd her & we had a good chat (despite her being half asleep still!).

It's like a warm ready brek glow in my tummy. :)


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