Jan. 18th, 2007

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My elective module class is full of fucking mice!

Well, okay, not literally - but these girls are complete wimps!

I checked out the module handbook for the Educational Studies department right before I went into class, and I found out that the module I'm "electiving" in, is in fact an Advanced module, which only 3rd year Educational Studies students do. Holy fuck.

Then I get to the class, which is full of girls (13 of us), who all know one another somehow, and are all 3rd year students.

Eavesdropping at the start I learn several of them don't like the teacher 'cause she's a harsh marker, and she graded them on their essay style, as opposed to the content. Also learned that quite a few of them are concerned with the mark they'll get for this module - apparently they need to get a 2:1 at least, so they'll be able to do what they want.

Teacher comes in and all goes silent.

They don't ask questions, they don't speak.

The teacher asks us all to put our hands in front of our faces and make certain noises to assess the amount of breath we expel in the process. Despite all knowing each other, it being a small group, and the task not at all intimidating, v.few of them attempted it, and those that did did it v.timidly. Pathetic.

At the end of the class, the teacher told us what our homework was, and then she asked for some people to volunteer to do a mini presentation of their homework next week.

Dead silence. Teacher staring at me. Eventually I offered to do it.

The teacher was happy, and then said, "right, well, now you need 3 more people to help you; do you want to nominate someone?".

Okay, first of all, I don't know anyone in the group, so how am I meant to nominate someone? And second, if I did nominate someone they'd hate me forever. So I said they'd just have to volunteer themselves.

...Only no one did.

So the teacher, instead of picking some people herself, simply said "oh, does that mean Sarah's doing it on her own?". To which I said "apparently".

Argh! Just so pissed me off! I mean, the assignment isn't that hard, they all know each other, the class is small, the teacher - harsh marker or no - is hardly going to penalise us if we don't do a v.good presentation, and yet they all f***ing wimp out!

I can understand not offering to do it at the start - who's stupid enough to do that?! (barring me of course) - but once the ice is broken, how hard is it to offer to help someone else with the work; esp if you're meant to do it yourself anyway?!

So that's a good start to the course. Tosspots.

Excuse my bad language recently btw, but I've taken to ranting about things here, and tbh, when I rant I tend to swear...*blushes*

Anyway, that's done, I'll have to do the best I can, and now I'm back home - have eaten lunch & am waiting to go into town with Jess at 3:15. She's meeting Simon, and I'm taking in my job application & CV. May also look at jeans in Next, 'cause I want some which fit my hips/thighs but don't need rolling up.

May actually buy my muffin today as well, given I still haven't done that - and I've run out of biscuits/malt loaf/anything sugary that's edible.

It's so windy though, I doubt I'll want to hang around in town for long. I've already put it off twice now. Didn't go straight from uni there, which was the original plan, and I didn't go as soon as I finished eating my lunch either...which was the back-up plan. ^_^


Watched more Veronica Mars last night - so good, but I keep missing the middle bits of eps. Mac has been introduced though, and seems v.cool, and Weevil is just ace.^^

May have to watch more Battlestar Galactica tonight though - after I've done my homework - and have a good cry (that show always makes me cry). For some reason I feel in the mood for it.

----> My baileys supply is running low as well now, so I'll soon have to give up routine of a baileys and coffee to unwind before bed. *pouts*


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