Jun. 15th, 2007

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We had a really cute hedgehog in our garden earlier! It was soooo sweet, wiggling it's bum as it foraged for grubs! And then shaking itself every now & then to get rid of the rain on its coat!! ^_____^

Lianne went into town today & got the chocolate ginger I wanted for my dad, so yay! I didn't have to get wet, or pay the bus fare into town. *g*

Also means I'm ready for his visit tomorrow now, as I already had his card!

Spent y*day and today feeling ill & sorry for myself & doing my Contested Sexualities reading for tuesday's exam.

Weird migraine/headache thing morphed completely into a head-cold, and it's got to the stage now where I don't feel too bad - bunged up a bit, but the sudafed helps with that & it's really only when I move after staying still a long while that I notice my ears being blocked up. Think that's been made worse than it would be 'cause I had a shower y*day and today, but I didn't want to smell! So hopefully I'll be recovered by monday! :)

My reading's been going well, as I split it into segments and told myself I had to read a certain amount each day - only got one more segment to go & I'll have read it all. Then I've just got 2 pages of notes I've made which I'll need to revise right before the exam & I should do fine.

Really not in the mood to try and wrap my head 'round silly french sociologists babbling about deconstructionism (or whatever my MEST presentation on monday's meant to be about), so I haven't done my presentation yet, but I figure I'll start it on sunday & then I've got 'til 3:15 on monday to go to the library & fine-tune it.


Steph got back y*day - a day early 'cause her research had to be postponed due to the rain. It's surprisingly alright now - she was probably snapping/multi-personalitying it because of end-of-term stress, but a brief stint back home chilled her out. And I can cope with her again now she's seen me & isn't nagging or calling me names etc.

Apparently the others from my floor last year are coming over tonight, 'cause they're all (including Steph & possibly Lianne - not sure if she is or not) going to a house party down the road from us, so they're coming here first to chat & drink etc.

Already told Steph I'm going to hide in my room, on the basis that I'm ill, but also just 'cause I don't particularly want to see them & I know if I go downstairs I'll feel like I should stay and make conversation, as they are [technically] guests in my house.

So it's just easier to stay out of sight from the start.


Think I pissed Justine off y*day when I backed out of going to the sociology society BBQ. It probably would've been alright me saying that I was ill, if it weren't for the fact that she already knew I wasn't that keen on going 'cus I dragged my heels a bit when she first mentioned it.

But then when she was having problems getting it to go ahead 'cause no-one was buying tickets, I said I'd go - mostly 'cause of the effort she's put into it - and she snagged a ticket for me.

When I txt'd and backed out tho she replied "ok, didn't know you were ill." - which sounded a bit disbelieving to me, and I replied that's why I'd missed our lecture on tuesday. No reply to that so evidently she either didn't attend herself, or just didn't connect the dots.

Don't really like it 'cause I feel guilty for being ill now. :/

Also, don't really know what's going on in her head at the moment. From fb I know she's pretty much dating her ex again, but - despite telling me everything about their relationship before - she hasn't told me. She keeps going and staying at his at the weekend, but to me she just alludes to having lots of work. Didn't want to outright ask her about it 'cause then I'll look like a fb stalker (I'm not btw, this is from that bloody homepage news feed!), but when I give her opportunities to tell me; asking how her weekend was & saying I hope she didn't do too much work, she just breezes over it or ignores the Q (if it's a txt). :s


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