Jul. 2nd, 2007

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Was too knackered to post an entry earlier! 0_0 My brain was too frazzled to think as well; most I could bring myself to do was find a snarry fic & press the 'down' button to read it...whilst lying down on my bed.^^

Got up at 7am today for the Open Day, got ready and donned my bright blue [free] University t-shirt, and left the house without waking Steph up (Read more... )).

I started at 9 - had to be there a bit before to meet up with the others I was stationed with though, so was there about quarter to.

To begin with it was just me & 2 girls - Lizzie & Rachel - and we wandered about trying to plan where we were going to position ourselves. Then Lizzie got called somewhere else & me'n'Rachel got joined by Danny & another boy (whose name I asked for but forgot as soon as he said it; might have been Dan though...:s).

Then Ivor came 'round to sign us in & the visitors started arriving.

In the end we set up a system where one person manned the door to prevent people from going in without a guide & to organise them into a queue, and the others took a group of people each - showed them a bedroom, explained about prices, the differences between an en-suite & a standard room, the fact that the University doesn't guarantee to put you in the accommodation you want, but that it does guarantee you some kind of place, and then showed them the kitchen & explained about how it was shared etc.

It's amazing how much I actually know about accommodation - the only questions I couldn't answer were to do with the different letting periods...'cause I don't even know what letting period I had!

We had some sheets & leaflets with information about accommodation though & I'd read through them y*day, so a bit of that must have sunk in. Plus I memorised the price diff between en-suite & standard right before the visitors arrived.

Despite having breakfast my stomach started rumbling at 11 - this is the problem with having been to schools which had snack breaks at 11ish. :/

Ivor came back & helped us a bit 'cause we hit a busy patch & the other guy had been put somewhere else (I think...?). He said if I was hungry I could just slip off and have my lunch quickly, but I held out 'til 12.

Was meant to have 20mins, so I grabbed my sandwiches and went for a walk. There was no-where to sit though & Shivani didn't reply to my txt 'cause she wasn't on her own break yet, so I ended up wandering back. I did sit down, but it was on the couches in the Porter's lodge & people kept coming up to me & asking me things, so in the end I just stood up, gulped rest of my sandwich down, then went back to work.

It was quite fun really - amazing how fashion conscious all the students-to-be were though!

Didn't realise how knackered my legs were 'til near the end - when we had about an hour'n'a half to go. Then we had a mini rush again & by time I was un-distracted enough to feel knackered again we only had half an hour to go...and just the odd straggler or two drifting in to have a look 'round.

I got a sore throat again though from talking so much!

Had to walk home afterwards as well, so my legs are really killing right now. Not as bad as earlier, but they really don't like me at the moment.

Stopped off at co-op before got in & grabbed some tortellini for dinner, which I just had with green pepper, tomatoes & green pesto. And because I'm nice I stole the ice cream Jess & Simon left in the freezer. :)

Am now being supremely tempted by the smarties cookies I got from co-op - despite having already had one, not being particularly hungry, and not really wanting one...

Meeting lil' Steph tomorrow for coffee & some shopping (I need to buy some pressies & household stuff like bin bags). I also need to go on campus to hand in my bank details so I get paid for today, and pick up a book I reserved at the library. And then I also need to ring a plumber & try to get our upstairs sink taps sorted out - the washer's are bust so not much water is coming through. Oh, and when he's here I need to ambush him into checking out the boiler, 'cause it's been acting up, and see if he'll offer tips as opposed to doing something minor & charging an exorbitant amount.

Was meant to be going home next week, 'cause 'rents are away, but not sure if I can. I haven't heard back about my sandwich job hours; don't even know when he wants me to start exactly, next week, in a few weeks time...? I'm going to give him 'til tomorrow to email me with them, but if I haven't got an email by the time I get in from town then I'm going to email him & ask.

He's quite prompt so I should hear back by wednesday the latest then, and I can get train tickets if they're still cheap enough. I don't really know what I'll do if I don't hear back from him, but I'll think of something!

Okay then. Half a cookie.



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