Aug. 8th, 2007

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Still pissed off. :/

My laptop is still broken - won't get to fix it 'til I get home on tuesday 'cause I need my windows CD, which I of course have hidden somewhere in my room back home, so I couldn't get my mum to find it & post it up. So a week without the internet...

Turned out to be lucky that I bought Katie a laptop as I've been using that to write my essay on (have started a third one in the hope that my other two haven't been completely wiped from my broken laptop, and so that I am doing something productive).

I figure I need to write a minimum of 1,000 words a day from today 'til I go home on monday in order to get this essay done. 'Cause when I get my laptop back (presuming I get it fixed next week) I'll only have 3 weeks to do my fourth essay and make sure my first two are completely done & of a good enough standard to get the mark I want.

I've got a new plumber now - he's doing the shower screen & gutter tomorrow morning. Laura (mortimer) is coming up tomorrow as well, so she'll be popping in to see me. And I'm at work 3:30-8am. Have to be in a bit earlier than usual 'cause there's loads for me & Jane to do tomorrow.

So I'm at work thurs, fri, sat & sun, then home tues. Think I annoyed my boss a bit 'cause I told him I couldn't work thurs & fri next week - didn't ask, I told.

Know I should've put it better, but I'd already got the train tickets, and I'd got them back when I was only working weekends - so I kind of saw my coming in on thurs & fri as a semi favour to him anyway... :s

Still, I also need to remind/tell him I can't work thurs & fri of the first week of September, so I'm going to have to figure out how to phrase that nicely - 'cause that's also already booked, but not sure he'll like that much.

Oh yeah, the reason I'm pissed off - for some reason my university account has been deleted.

As in, I get a warning when I come onto the university computers that my account is set to expire on the 2nd September. I emailed the computing service about this and they said it was because my university record got removed from the university computer systems the 31st July. o_o This is so not good news - I still have a year of my degree to go, but from the sound of it they've deleted me!!!

So I've sent a frantic email to the university records office and told them to ring me 'cause I don't have the internet. I think I may need to hoik their number from somewhere and phone them though 'cause this is seriously worrying!

Anyway, I need to go now - only came online 'cause I thought someone had my bank details and was stealing my money, but looking at my account it's just me getting confused by the cash machine bank statement - need to get lunch, write 1,000 words (2,000 would be better), then eat again, shower, and sleep.

So, yeah, everything seems to all be piling up & going wrong. And I'm still not making enough money for my grad trip. :/


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