Dec. 14th, 2007

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Seriously loving Heroes at the mo - I skanked the whole first season off of Lianne a while back but only just had time to start watching - think I'm up to ep 12 now though, which is quite good for me! :)

Nikki's character is really cool, though I don't like how she's Read more... )

Adore Peter Petrelli & Hiro Nakamura - they're both so adorable!! I even like Claire, despite my normal aversion to 'perfect' characters in tv dramas.


First fangirling in a looong while now out the way (I know that was pathetically short, but I don't have time to do a complete run down of how much I love Heroes!) - and on to other news.

I'm going home today! Woohoo!

Am actually quite excited - get to see my dad's new house, and get to get away from my housemates! ^_^

I'm packing really light 'cause I'm not staying for long, but I'm going to be so bored on the train - not taking my dvd player, and while I have my music I won't be able to read my book or anything (I get train sick if I do). So I'll either have to nap - which will make me feel really groggy - or scenery-watch. :s

Know I haven't been updating properly, but don't see much point at mo - aside from my newfound love of Heroes it's been pretty much same 'ole, same 'ole.

I feel like once I go away today it'll all be better though. When I get back my housemates will have cleared out, I'll be able to knuckle down on my essays, I'll be booking my holiday should all just be better... :)

Actually, you know what - I'm getting the bus to the train station, I might as well pack a suitcase. Will get rid of some of the stuff I don't need up here, and that way I can also take my dvd player. I've got half an hour before I leave so it's plenty of time to do it in!


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